Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Great Outdoors

Leafy Handled Fern Emblem Vase

Summer has begun in my backyard, and in my studio. It is the time of year when flowers flourish, and the flowers attract pollinators to the yard. My neighbors are not fond of birds, and have installed silver flashing strips in all of their treetops. Even better, the birds seek refuge in my yard. There are the usual nests, which get recycled each year, and there are new nests that can be heard, but not seen. I am hoping to collect some flowers and make sprig molds to use on some of my pieces. And, maybe some bird nest sculptures are in order as well. It's exciting to see what new inspiration the season brings.  
Fantastic Floral Books
Wall Blocks Awaiting Floral Designs

Gorgeous Thistle
Leafy Emblem Close-Up
Teal Vine Vase
Birdie Sprig Mold

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