Sunday, January 20, 2013

St. Valentine's Early Visit

Valentine's Day always comes early for me. Because the process of hand-building, glazing, and firing takes so long, I start early to meet the holiday deadline. Each year, my students decorate and glaze ceramic heart ornaments. We use my snappiest red and pink underglazes, finish them off with glossy clear glaze, and then these clay valentines really shine. Students glaze messages, or patterns onto the blank hearts. Then, we apply bright hanging ribbon.

Hearts represent love and affection. In my own personal work, this year I've made some wooden wall hearts. Several years of being love-lorn, and pining away, recently screeched to a halt. A large dose of gritty reality left me feeling pretty hardhearted. Yet, there is still a kernel of kindness and friendship there, as represented by the blooms. Could it be time to start anew with some other fella? Maybe. Only cupid knows for sure...  

Wall Piece Before Last Firing

Student Hearts After Bisque Firing

Wall Piece Before Final Firing

Cupids Aplenty

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