Sunday, February 24, 2013


Dubble Bubble

Today I attended a clay seminar in order to learn how to transfer two-dimensional images onto clay. The presenter told us that we couldn't post any photos of her, or of her work on the internet. She said that we could only use our photos of her to better understand her process. She spent the first two hours of the seminar making a bowl on a slump mold. Then there were hours spent watching her glaze work, and dry the work with a heat gun on the lowest setting. The last hour of the seminar involved what I really wanted to learn. It was rushed. As I was sitting there, I looked around at the other participants. I have learned so much from the friends that were in attendance. I have an entire notebook filled with all of Elaine's secrets, delivered by her at a free outdoor workshop. Liz has shown me how to make faux finishes on clay, and how to be more thoughtful about my work. Christine has made me laugh, and has taught me about versatility. Her thrown work is as lovely as her handbuilt work. I also met Julie, a new mosaic friend. It was interesting to be surrounded by such generosity, while the presenter seemed to grudgingly share parts of her process.

Then, I drove back to my sister's house. Her workshop is full of giant papier mache beads that she is going to string onto a pole. The beads represent her favorite foods. She was excited because she had just used paste wax, in order to shine up the beads, and to give them a rich finish. So, here are some pictures of artwork. She didn't stipulate that I couldn't post them! I have noticed that many creative people understand that their work will often be copied. But, they also understand Austin Kleon's secret #6 of unlocking your creativity: Do good work. Share it with people.

Tart & Savory

 Slice of Pie

A Green Olive

Bacon Strips & Raspberry

Workshop Bench

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