Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break: The Beginning

Flea Market Cart

Each vacation, I make my students write seven detailed and memorable sentences relating to their activities during vacation. After they're done writing, they read and share their sentences with several random students. After that, we play a game to see if they can remember details from specific students. It's challenging, and it kind of gets the old brain box going after the inertia of vacation. Last time, I had a difficult time remembering just exactly what I had done during Winter Break, because I play the game, too, as well as being the host. So, I decided to write down some of my Spring Break activities, so that I can be prepared for the game, when school starts up again next week.

Betty (my dog) and I spent Easter weekend at my sister's house. My nephew recently purchased a home, and so we went to his house, then measured and hung all of his artwork on his new walls. My sister used her expertise to help Brian select colors for the future exterior paint job on his new house. We also went to brunch! Mmmmm. Biscuits and gravy… Then, a trip to fourth street in Berkeley. Love that place.  

The next day, we attended a Flea Market on Treasure Island. It is such a beautiful location, with a wonderful panoramic view of San Francisco. Even though the weather was rainy, it was lovely. There was a booth with many wooden and hot metal printing press stamps. I purchased some for use in clay. I can't wait to see how they work. After that, a nap, and a fantastic Easter dinner. This vacation has had an excellent beginning!

Treasure Island Palm Avenue
View from Treasure Island
Food Trucks at the Rainy Flea Market
I Smell Ham
Happy Homeowner Reading the N.Y. Times
Kitchen Table Bird with My Candy Eggs
The Kitchen Sink After Dinner
Yummy Dessert

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