Monday, May 6, 2013

Post Mortem

Too tired to unpack for a while...

The Santa Cruz Clay Show and Sale wrapped up yesterday. I had some great conversations with people. It was enjoyable to see old friends, and to make new ones. One of my fourth grade students actually travelled over the hill, with her parents, to see the show. It was good for her to see some other clay work. This is a student that I looped, so she was in my class last year, as well. I suspected that she had contracted the clay virus last year, and now I know for sure that she's hooked. This morning, before school started, she was talking about some of the work that she had seen at the show.

I had an interesting conversation with a Cabrillo student. He previously visited my house during Open Studios last October.  He talked about getting a kiln, and starting up his own studio. We discussed how eventually, class assignments become tiresome. If you want to learn how to make something, you have to make that something a few times, if not several times. Class assignments are one time only deals. If you liked making one, there isn't really a chance to repeat the project. So, you're left wondering what could have been. I brought up my experience at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. Picasso made something each day. He repeated the work until he came to an understanding, and then he would move on. This is something that no class can really teach. It is a thirst to know, and to solve self-generated problems.

I learned many things over the weekend. I learned that I brought way too much work. I learned that renting a U Haul is a big pain, and is unprofitable. I didn't get much positive feedback about some new work that I've been doing, which really bummed me out. But, I'm hoping that if I get into Open Studios, showing this type of new work in my house, in a gallery-like setting (with walls) will make it more visually pleasing. I also learned that my family is really supportive. My friends are fabulously kind. These were all good lessons to absorb.  

Heavy, ungainly, but cool sawhorses...

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