Sunday, February 2, 2014

Feeling the Love

It's time to get started on the Valentine's Day festivities in Room #19. The candy hearts and the stuffed penguins carrying hearts have been purchased. Each year, we make ceramic heart ornaments, decorated with red, pink, and white glaze. The hearts have all been rolled out, and are almost ready for the bisque firing. Usually, I buy large white file envelopes and glitter student names in sparkly red on the front. Then, the kids get to decorate the fronts of their envelopes with doily hearts, and construction paper hearts of their own making. These envelopes will be hopefully filled with valentines from classmates. I'm going to start the glittering this week, so that we'll be ready!

The store was out of Spanish conversation hearts...
Heart ornaments, soon to be bisque fired...
Soon, this will be stuck to my hair, because it goes everywhere...


  1. You are a brave woman to play with glitter. It is an evil substance!

  2. I was still finding glitter in my bathroom after I blow-dried the glue/glitter mixture on my papier mache chile pepper, six months after the pepper was done… It has definite staying power.


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