Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Falling in Love with Drawing

Carlo's Sting Ray
Natali's Monarch Butterflies
Outlining My Sea Stars
Frida's Fox
Our class has had the treat of having Linda Cover teach us art lessons that she calls "River of Words". First, the students learned about our watershed. We also made maps of our watershed, and of the neighboring watersheds. The past few lessons, we have drawn animals that reside in our watershed, and we've drawn the specific plants that exist in their habitats. For me, it has been a delight. I love sitting next to students to draw. Last week, it was Matthew. Today, I was Carlo's neighbor. He kept covering his paper and giving me dirty looks, when he saw me staring at his sting ray. I don't spend enough time drawing. It's hard work, because drawing is really observing closely. It takes time and effort. Linda has a great teaching style. Today, I took a minute to walk around, and to shoot photos of work in progress.

Gregory's Marsh Scene
Makaylah's Sea Stars
Sebastian's Opossum
Graydon's Joyous Red-Tailed Hawk
Piper's Coyote
Diego Captures Flight
Aiden's Pelican
Mealtime with Cristian

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