Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 N.Y. Resolutions

My Grandma's Home

I have been thinking all week about my resolutions for this year. I finally arrived at a conclusion: I am only going to have one resolution. Here it comes. Wait for it. Boom. I'm going to "Take My Time".

This resolution seems simple, but it is overarching. I want to take more time in several areas. I want to take more time to just sit and consider. This photo was taken of my grandma's house. But, the important part of it, is the location. It is the side door, where I used to sit and think, as a child. Also, I would orchestrate my own song and dance performances and dramas there. It was relatively private, as my grandma only opened the door when it was hot outside. The window was covered with a thin, gauzy curtain. It was a place to stop and consider, and to watch the cars driving by on the highway. I had a lot of great ideas form here, in between dance numbers.

It seems like I love to multitask. I get so much done each day, that there is little time to stop and think. Or, even to go slowly. This year, I hope to have some reflective time. One of my best friends just got a plum job working at a large, hands on science museum for adults and kids. She works for the man in charge of the museum. Her boss is a veritable renaissance man. She mentioned that his day planner includes "think time". What a brilliant idea! I need to schedule some think time into my days. Time to reflect about what I create and time to brainstorm ideas.

So, my one resolution is to more carefully orchestrate my day to allow for meditation and thought.
Here's to a happy and enjoyable 2015...

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