Monday, March 2, 2015

Trying Hard

Sisyphus by Tiziano Vecellio a.k.a. Titian

The past couple of months have been super trying for our family, especially for our dad. Sometimes it feels a bit as though each and every one of us is impersonating Sisyphus. We are pushing that boulder up the hill, bowing under the weight. But, I think the strength and the stubbornness that all Hansens possess, enables us to keep stumbling along. I keep wanting to do the right thing, to show that I care. I guess it just really matters to me to "try hard". There is value in effort and persistence. I wear a bracelet that reminds me. It says, "Don't settle for less." Be a better person, even if you're feeling crummy. And, every now and again there is some comfort. A phone call from an old friend. A laugh with a student. A friendly conversation. All of these things assume magical status when you're feeling that the boulder is too much. Burdens are lightened.

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