Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nice to Meeting You

One of my favorite things about my new school, is that my time isn't purposely wasted. Part of the reason that I started this blog, a few years back, was to give me something to do during staff meetings each Monday. It was in the contract that we had to meet each and every Monday, regardless of whether or not anyone had anything to meet about. Many of the meetings covered the same ground each week. Oh, and then there were the Wednesday afternoon meetings. Teachers met to collaborate. Many of those were doozies.

Today, we had a short and sweet meeting. There was a subject, and an agenda. Fabulous. The topics at almost all of the meetings this year, have related to students. How we can better meet their diverse needs? In all of the years of meeting at my old school, the children never entered into the equation. So, after the meeting, I came home and started sanding and putting the last coats on some work that I'll fire on Saturday night. I felt lucky to have some "me time" before doing my evening school work...

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