Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ash Wednesday

I spent four years with the meanest, most manipulative man alive. He invented mental cruelty. It was soul crushing. When I finally decided to walk away, I had to literally rebuild my life. It took a while. And, one of the decisions that I made, was that I wouldn't blithely trust anymore. I would give people three chances or strikes. Only three. For several years, Post Kurt, this served me well. But slowly, over time, I lowered my guard, and started allowing for a little more nonsense from people. I wouldn't cut them loose as quickly, and energetically as I once had. This has proved to be a mistake.

I was given a sales pitch, to place my work in a "gallery"/showroom by a friend of some friends. There was no contract. This should have been a red flag, as all galleries have contracts. I sold some work. The payment for the work was very late. Honestly, I stopped keeping track, because my mom was in the hospital. Then she went to a care home, and I actually forgot about the money being owed to me. I didn't nag. Recently, I sold more work. I have now waited for two and a half months for my payment. I've received two different "oh, I'll take care of it" messages. And, I've received one "the check is in the mail" email. And yet, each day, when I go to the mailbox, there is nothing.

So, this is my official day of giving up. Lesson learned. I'm not very business savvy. But, I will be scrupulously careful next time. And, this makes me sad, because art is all about generosity, sharing, friendship, etc. But, this will be the last time that I sit in a pile of ashes, because I've been burned. Please feel free to picture my left fist waving emphatically in the air as I type this.

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