Sunday, April 3, 2016


After much thought, I've decided to slow down my ceramic practice. During the past few years, it feels like I've been in mass production mode. But, guess what? I'm not a factory. I also have a very demanding "day job". So taking some time to put my feet up and relax, occasionally, seems necessary. I'm taking the summer off, so that I can explore with clay, without the pressure of producing salable work for Open Studios or other venues. In addition, there will be no more clay tutoring! I'm returning to the world of devouring books. I'm hoping to get my backyard shaped up, as well. And, to finally repaint my clay shed. The beads which I made last summer, are waiting to be installed as part of the shed awning. So, maybe I'm not really slowing down, too much. There is quite a sizable "to do" list. But, balance is being sought...

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