Thursday, August 4, 2016

Yet Another Totem

This is how it all fits together...

One of my favorite local stores was packing up and moving again. Hopefully, like last time, it will be a temporary business closure. Everything was 40% off in the store. I bought this hardwood carved base for a song, thinking that it could be the base for a sculpture. I don't want to drill a hole into the wood, because it's lovely. So, all of the beads must fit together. That complicates things a bit. These pieces are nearly dry and ready for their first firing. I'm thinking of keeping everything very grey and monochromatic. Using a natural palette. Usually I go bright, every chance I get. A color change will keep it interesting.

If this turns out, I will be entering it in the Blue Line Arts plate and totem show. We'll see if I can make the deadline!

These are all of the pieces...

This guy is not a very good studio helper...

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