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Barbara Louise Jones Hansen was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 27, 1929. Barbara was the fifth child, between three girls, a brother who died of pneumonia at six months, and a younger sister and three brothers. At age five, Barbara's family moved to Nephi, Utah. Her father, a student at the University of Utah, had to leave school, and lost his job. The Great Depression changed the fate of the Jones family. Her father worked for his parents, doing odd jobs and attending BYU whenever possible. Barbara had a carefree and happy childhood. The Jones children filled their days with many diversions: mudpies and clay figures on the ditch bank, huge cardboard box playhouses, fishponds in the backyard, games in the nearby park, and picnics in the canyon. 

During WWII, Barbara helped to harvest the crops, because the men of the town had gone off to war. Later, she worked at the U-Wanna Drive-In. And, had many fond memories of her employment there.

Barbara wasn't sure that she wanted to apply for college, but realized that her parents wished her to attend, since their college dreams had been unfulfilled. Barbara's sisters set a good example in this regard. Once she started at Utah State University, she loved it. After graduating, she taught at Tooele High School for two years. Barbara left teaching to become a stewardess for United Air Lines in San Francisco. 

Barbara met Larry Hansen one month, became engaged the next, and married the next. Larry had just returned from four years in the Air Force in Europe. Initially, they met on a blind date, arranged by Clair Anderson, Barbara's new brother-in-law, and Larry's best friend. Larry would drive to Salt Lake City from Logan, and meet Barbara aboard her Chicago bound planes. In all, they had seven dates. Barbara's career as a stewardess ended with her marriage to Larry, because stewardesses were required to be single. After her marriage, Barbara taught at Utah State University, and enjoyed it very much.

Barbara and Larry have felt much pride in their four children: Jana, Liz, Brad, and Karen. And, in their spouses: Darryl, John, and Kristina. Barbara was well-loved by her eight grandchildren. And, she was able to spend time with four of her great grandchildren at family gatherings.

One of the greatest joys in Barbara's life was travel. She made many trips around the globe with Larry. Her bookcases were filled with travel books, and souvenirs.  Gardening was also a passion. She was very knowledgeable about plants and trees. And, her house was always well-decorated for seasons and holidays. Barbara also loved to oil paint, and to bake. Each visit, she would send her children home with cakes, cookies, and bread.

Barbara was a strong woman. During her life, she had many trials with her health: breast cancer, leukemia, loss of eyesight, Guillian Barre Syndrome, and a broken hip. It seemed like each obstacle just made her more determined. Watching her learn how to walk again four years ago, and how to use her hands again, was inspirational. Barbara rarely complained, and showed much gratitude towards her various doctors, nurses, and attendants. 

Barbara lived a full life, surrounded by a loving family. She will be greatly missed.

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