Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fond Farewell

Selling work is not easy. The money is fabulous, don't get me wrong. Especially these days, with pay cuts, and looming strikes. But, saying goodbye to a piece that you love is really difficult. I have pieces that I think are landmarks. In other words, out of the steady stream of work, they are standouts. They might represent a change in style, a new glaze combination, or a new direction in thinking. To me, they sparkle. The landmark work often ends up in the house, and becomes part of the decor. I bring them into the house, because I want to look at these pieces, to let them soak in. All other work ends up being stored in the clay shed studio, out in the yard. That way, I don't become too attached!

These two landmark pieces recently went to a new home, luckily the same home. So long old friends. Off to new adventures! Here's hoping you end up on the mantle or the nightstand!

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