Sunday, April 22, 2012

Memorial Celebration

Today, I attended the memorial celebration held for my former ceramics teacher, Kathryn McBride. It was very comforting to listen to an assortment of friends, students, and family members talk about the influence that Kathryn had on their lives. Each person had a story to share, and all of the stories held Kathryn's kindness in common. I always suspected that Kathryn was the kind of person, who travelled through life in a wide circle of friends. But, that each person in her life felt that Kathryn was his or her exclusive treasure. My grandmother had the same rare quality. I knew that she had dozens of grandchildren, but when I was with her, it seemed like I was her one and only. None of the other grandchildren really existed! As I learned from today's speakers, mostly, it is the taking of time, and the showing of care that makes the difference.

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