Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful List

Some thoughts about the things that make me thankful...

10.     The ability to laugh in the face of disaster.  This has certainly made life more pleasant and

9.       Eyesight remaining relatively stable.  These peepers have always been very light sensitive.
          And, bifocals notwithstanding, I can still see what I'm making pretty well.

8.       Food and shelter.  These are tough times, and I'm grateful to be able to pay my mortgage,
          despite pay cuts, and other nonsense.

7.       The kiln.  Life was all about mooching, before I became an owner.  It's almost as crucial as the
          washer and dryer…  Almost.

6.       Work-a-holic-ness.  I am thankful that I was raised with a strong work ethic.  There is never
          enough time in the day.  I often hear kids say that they're "bored".  That is a phrase that was
          never acceptable or used in our home.

5.       My students.  Each day is a new learning experience for me.  Kids sap my strength, but
          they offer joy and laughter in return.  It seems like a more than fair exchange.  It kills me when
          they draw little pictures, or write letters, or tell jokes.  They just never stop giving.

4.       My friends.  I'm a curmudgeon.  I don't have a lot of friends.  But, I treasure those that I have.
          They fill my life with laughter, and happiness.  They are supportive and kind, and not just when
          it's convenient.

3.       My pets.  Both of my cats are complete characters.  One is an angry, miserable tramp.  But, I  
          love them to bits.  And, Betty is the most loyal dog ever.  She wags her tail at 5 a.m. each
          morning.  You can't beat that for positive attitude.

2.       My parents.  My mom and dad raised us in a home where we all cared about each other.  They
          always provided for us spiritually and materially.  I remember calling them with the supply list for
          my first college design classes.  It was a ridiculous amount of money.  They didn't even flinch.
          Or, I remember telling them that I wanted to go back to college to get my teaching credential.
          Again, no flinching.  Both of them always want what is best for their children, and provide the
          help and support for our happiness.  

1.       My family.  My sister has volunteered in my classroom each Friday for 12 years.  It is a 2 hour
          drive.  One way.  My brother has a house full of my art work, and always gives the best presents.
          He is so generous, and thoughtful.  My other sister makes me laugh.  I love spending time with  
          her.  I wish that she lived closer.  And, all of their spouses are wonderful and kind, too.  But that
          is no great surprise.  Oh, and they all have pretty fabulous children.  Sitting at the "kid table" at
          Thanksgiving is a delight.


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