Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Let Right Be Done"

Experimental Vases and a Cup of Decaf Earl Grey

After an extremely trying week, it's time for a little art therapy.  During the past month, report cards, parent conferences, and assorted stressful meetings have kept me out of the studio.  So, it's high time to get back.  Glazing is a very contemplative activity.  But, I'm hoping to fix my mind on pleasant things, instead of dwelling on the junk, and the disrespectful, insincere language that is cluttering my brain right now.  I keep thinking of a catchall phrase from a movie called "The Winslow Boy".  In the movie, a father defends his young son from accusations of dishonesty, and loses his life from the battle.  The father's motto is "Let Right Be Done".  He is firm in the knowledge that his son's good name will be exonerated.  I feel that I have made some choices for the greater good this year, and here's to hoping that right will prevail.

Two years ago, at a seminar taught by a lovely Native American basket maker, I learned that in her tribe, basket makers would never work when they were upset.  Each basket making session began with a prayer, so that the mind would be right, and the soul could connect with the work.  So, I'll start my glazing with a prayer, and a heart full of gratitude for the kindness of true friends.

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