Thursday, December 13, 2012

Uh Oh.

I hardly ever use glossy glazes…  But, I wanted these to be watertight, so why not?

"Curse you, yellow glaze!"  It is a beautiful, runny, glossy yellow glaze, and when it behaves, it has small pink bursts of color underneath the yellow.  I can safely say, that any kiln misfortune that I've had in the past year, has been because of this glaze.  It has leaked, pooled, and ruined pieces.  So, after last weekend's firing, where the glaze puddled, and ruined two kiln shelves, and some posts, I took a moment to drop kick the half-filled glaze container into the trash.  It felt good.  Really good.  Now, the dremel tool is hooked up to the charger, and I'll try to salvage the shelves.  This is why I pretty much always use underglazes and washes.

The yellow glaze on the interior leaked and puddled...

No worries with the magenta gloss that went on the interior of this one...

There are some nice things happening on the surface of this one...

These posts are now glazed to my giant bottom kiln shelf…  


  1. %&$#&%$#*&&#$@%$&%*&!!!!!!!!

    I hate when that happens and you sorta knew better at the outset. What was that glaze? It wasn't Tiger Lily Yellow, by any chance?

  2. Nope. My psyche is blocking out the name! But, it's not Tiger Lily… I just kept on trying to make it work, and you're right, I did know better! At least it didn't puddle on the piece to the left. It was about 1/8" away, and it dribbled on the asbestos pad that was under the piece.


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