Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm

I spent most of this morning thinking and fretting about last minute Open Studios concerns. This is a photo from my first time, when I decided to show my work outside.  

I stopped by the gallery to look at all of the sample work from many of the Open Studios artists. I love the subtle blue glaze on the shoulders of this piece.

This painting was so three dimensional. I love the colors and the imagery.  It's really quite wonderful in person, with nice layering and composition.

Another fantastic piece. A collaged compostion that really stood out from the pack. I saw a man and a woman looking at my piece, and circling my photo in their calendar. I decided to be cheesy, and walked up to them and introduced myself. I invited them to come visit me next weekend. Hoping they didn't erase the circle around my name in the calendar after I left!

Wonderful subject matter, and an outsider art vibe. The use of colors was nice, too. It also stood out among all of the other paintings and prints on the wall.

A fiber art piece with felted eggs and bacon. The bacon was very three dimensional, made with felted yarn. The eggs looked like the felt had almost been steamed. Fantastic.

I really like this piece. It looked like a small sign. It seemed to be painted on wood, or on some kind of small panel.

After leaving the gallery, I ran into this fantastic house. It looked straight out of the Florida Keys. The louvered panel attached to the front window at an angle was a nice touch.

What a treat to see this man's work. He takes an assortment of objects and attaches them together to make ingenious and wonderful sculptures. His house and his yard were lovely, too.

Off to the clay store for a talk with Michael and to buy some materials for use when the madness of Open Studios is over. Now that my shed is all clean, it will be fun to start up again at the end of October. This is Birthday Cake flavored ice cream from the shop down the street from the clay store. It is the first time that I've tried this flavor. It will not be the last.

Navajo Wheel clay is so pretty. I double bagged this and stored it away in the kitchen clay cupboard. Now it's time to shoot some photos of my work out in the garage!

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