Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome Illness

It's that wonderful time, when we all wallow in one another's germs. Otherwise known as, "The School Year"! I like to get sick at least once or twice each year. So far, the symptoms that I have are only of a cold and a sore throat. This is fairly surprising, since several students in the class are nursing the flu.

I have one particular student in my class who continually throws his used tissues on the floor near the wastebasket, but not quite in it. Yesterday, I saw him spitting repeatedly on the playground. I also watched him eat jello without using any utensils during lunchtime. I guess the last fact doesn't have much to do with causing illness, but I must admit, it was very entertaining to observe. He's definitely the Typhoid Mary of the group.

Hopefully, this session with the cold will be short in duration, so that I can go back to visiting my mom while she builds her strength in the rehabilitation center.

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