Saturday, November 16, 2013

Epic Procrastination or Interesting Detours

Last night, while driving home from the rehabilitation center to visit my mom, I reached my freeway exit, and the ramp was closed. It forced me to take a long, circuitous detour through my town. I was completely dumbfounded. My city is fairly small, yet these were streets that I didn't even know existed. It was exciting and unusual.  It was an out of the ordinary experience.

Sometimes I feel like I'm a major procrastinator. I let many things interrupt the flow of my work as an artist. Yet, I've started thinking that these things maybe don't simply keep me from my work, they are actual contributors to my art. Here are some examples of things that "interfere":

1. Day Job: I spend hours preparing for each week's lessons. There is also a huge emotional investment, too. The question is always, how do I help this young person find out what he/she needs to know about himself/herself? Multiply that by 30 children each year, and it's no easy task. But, working with children has endless rewards. My art work is free and playful because of the time that I spend around kids. Their humor, enthusiasm, and intrepidness rubs off on me at every turn. They suck the energy out of you, but they are the very reason that you have energy at all in the first place.

2. Reading: I spend a great deal of time reading novels and such. But, I feel that this prepares my brain for creative endeavors. At least I hope it does.

3. Relationships: My mom and I talked about how sometimes, in our family, we are neglectful with one another. We let other priorities get in the way. I have so many New Year's resolutions about being more present and thoughtful towards friends and family. It seems like each year, these resolutions fail. But, where would my art work be without the connections of friends and family? The answer is nowhere. Relationships and connections sustain us.

4. Television: I refuse to have cable. As a child, I was enslaved to our television. I am a visual person, and so movies and television really appeal to me. Limiting this is good for me. That being said, every now and again, it's necessary to watch every Cary Grant movie ever made.

5. Other Projects: Sometimes other activities and projects get in the way of projects that I really should be completing. This can be a bad thing. But, I try to keep in mind, that I always learn a new skill set with each project. And, there is constant refinement of craftsmanship with each project, no matter what it may be. I'll try to remember to keep this in mind when I am starting baskets, firing student ceramics, or threading weaving looms for my students…

6. Chores: Living alone in an old house with a middling sized yard is a constant challenge. It's both a time suck, and a money pit. A few years ago, I gave up on my own repairs. Now, I'm saving for large scale repairs, such as a new kitchen and bathroom floor! Soon, it will be time to paint the bathroom, yet again. Constantly maintaining my home takes up a great deal of time, but it helps to give me an art home base. My house is a happy place, where I feel safe, and relaxed. It is a place where creativity can be explored, and where it can flourish.

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