Friday, November 29, 2013

The Revolution is Coming Soon, When I Have More Energy

Political ranting. Why do people subject others to it? Why does it have to ruin all other conversations? Why do the people who rant, have no ability to read the facial cues of others? I was told, on the drive to Thanksgiving dinner, that there is going to be a revolution. I delicately changed the subject. I was told again about the revolution. Apparently, people with health insurance are going to lead it. Well, I have health insurance, and no one sent me a memo about the revolution. Also, I'm kinda too tired. Maybe I have iron poor blood, despite my health insurance.

I have decided that people, in general, need to read more books. This would enable more interesting, less rant-like conversation. People need to stop listening to radio and television diatribes. How about less opinion and more fact? Huh, how about it?

We read a book about Wilma Rudolph in my class last month. Now there's someone to talk about. How about being learned, instead of just being alarmist? When we parrot back the opinions of others, instead of thinking for ourselves, we become irritating to all those around us.

Thank you for reading my rant about ranting.

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