Thursday, January 9, 2014


Today, I felt like I needed to be around people that make things. So, during my commute this morning, I listened to Ben Carter interview Richard Notkin, and I watched Craft in America at lunchtime, and learned about glass and ceramic artist, Beth Lipman. These swags are made from castings of an assortment of shells. Beth Lipman created molds and then formed the shells out of clay. I love the simple glazing. It lets the viewer focus on the intricate form. Her glass banquet tablescapes are amazingly detailed and fragile.

Listening to Richard Notkin talk about craftsmanship during his interview with Ben Carter was fantastic. He mentioned that when he is approaching difficult concepts with his work, his desire is to make the impeccable craftsmanship draw the viewer into the raw nature of his subject matter. He also said that he concentrates on making only a few pieces each year. 

I feel like I am just figuring it all out as a "maker". And, because I have a full time job, I sometimes approach studio time with too much gusto, and haste. Maybe I need to slow down, and focus on craft. I feel like that process is already starting to happen, in a way. I'm concentrating more, and focusing on one specific idea, before moving on to the next. Listening to these two artists share their thoughts was a helpful reminder...

Thanks to those outlets that allow people to share their methods and ideas with others!

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