Monday, January 6, 2014

So Far, So Good: The Sideyard

Sad, Frozen Lilacs

I resolved, at the beginning of the New Year, to leave work early, and to garden daily (or at least biweekly) in the yard. The yard work would be done before dusk, and then I could grade my papers and prep afterward. So, today, I left promptly. I decided to attack small areas of the yard each gardening session. And, my friends, that is what I did. I also took the dog for a walk. And, right now, I'm eating a healthy salad. True it's only January 6th, but how awesome am I?!

Today, in my classroom, we talked about resolutions. The students filled in a paper with three things that they like about themselves, and three specific things that they would like to change. I filled in the paper, too. I wrote down this gardening goal, in order to hold myself more accountable. So far, so good…

Even More Sad, Frozen Hydrangea
Maniacal Pruning
Getting There

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