Sunday, October 12, 2014


Many Survivors.
Piper's Rattle.

We had some hard luck with our pumpkin rattles. Some students formed their pinch pots on the flat desks, instead of in their hands. This caused some of the rattles to have super thick bottoms. When I fired them, the bottoms weren't entirely dry through and through. There were five or six explosions! We'll just have the students with the exploded rattles, make new ones, during our glazing session. I probably should have used a longer warm up setting on the kiln, too. The good news is that they sound fantastic! We built small paper envelopes for the clay rattle balls inside. This kept the rattle balls from sticking to the side walls of the pumpkin.

Strong Stems.
Parent Rattles.
Textured Pumpkins.
My Demo Rattles.
Nice Shapes.
Faces for Absent Students.

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