Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts on Nervousness

The first weekend of Open Studios has come and gone. It was a great chance to show off the work that I do quietly, on my own, in my clay shed. Most of the time, art work is a solitary pursuit. And, that's a good thing, because I'm an introvert at heart. Having people over to look at my art work is scary. It takes a kind of bravery that is difficult for me to muster. Maybe it's the lingering of critique sessions during the final three years of my BFA. I hated those critiques. They did nothing to toughen us all up. Instead, they made all of us feel nervous and insecure. 

My clay work is very personal to me. Unlike the graphic design work that I completed in college, I feel completely invested in what I produce in my studio. It is my work, and mine alone. There is no client or professor. And, I guess that's what makes showing work difficult.

As with all things in life, friends and family members make it so much easier. This time, they brought pies, and cookies, and conversation that melted away my nervousness. Thanks to everyone who stopped in to visit.  Thanks to Betty, for providing entertainment, and for being the official greeter. Best wishes to all of my fellow Open Studio-ers for Encore Weekend. When Betty wakes up, we'll be ready for the next round.

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  1. We loved seeing your work, Karen and the little nurse is a wonderful addition to our living room. Congratulations on bravely stepping into the limelight!


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