Sunday, June 9, 2013

Creeping Closer

Summer is slowly creeping closer. This upcoming week is the last remnant of school. It always makes me feel wistful and sad. There are some wonderful kids that I'll really miss. They made the year fun for me, and they tried really hard to give their best. Today, I didn't have to write lesson plans, so I had the luxury of studio time. I am trying to move my classroom, so that I'll be in a room that has a sink. I've spent four sink-less years, hauling water in buckets daily. My sister once commented that our school sometimes seems like it could be in the third world. When I'm dragging buckets of water, to water plants and to do art, it definitely feels that way. So, I won't be able to work in the studio again, at least not for a week. Transporting the ridiculous amount of junk from one classroom to another is my focus! I've been listening to The Count of Monte Cristo while packing and commuting. I'm already on download 3 out of 6.  I hope that I finish moving before the book ends.  When the move is complete, watch out... 

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