Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Classroom Move Progress Report

Old Classroom Large Entrance Panels

One thing that I'll really miss about my old classroom is the three happy dudes that greeted me every morning. The outside of my room was boring, so I installed these panels that I painted in my kitchen. They have been on the outside of my classroom for four years. They are a constant reminder to me that learning should bring joy.

Today we tie dyed shirts. The fence outside of my classroom always makes a handy drying rack. I'll miss that! Tomorrow, we'll take all of the rubber bands off, and see the splendor of our t-shirts. I love watching the students unbundle their shirts. They can't begin to imagine how the shirts will look, and are always delighted when the pattern is revealed. It's worth the expense for the shirts (for the ones that don't bring their own) and the dye, just to see the looks on their faces. They are completely gobsmacked! 

After the kids left, I was able to hang two large Mrs. Rains quilts in my new classroom. They look fantastic, and now that they are in place, I can start putting bulletin boards up around them. When I was literally dying of thirst, my new neighbor shared a sparkling water with me. Only a thousand more heavy things to move, and the new room will be all set! Oh, did I mention that my new classroom is the place where everyone's extra textbooks go to die? Who, I mean WHO, is still using volumes of an encyclopedia from 1987? Hopefully, all of those books will find a new home...

Preferred Beverage of Classy New Neighbors

Exhausting Day Ending in Tie Dyed Shirts

Local Produce Quilt

California Flag Quilt Finds a Home

Other People Junk is Piling Higher

Birthday Ice Cream Cone Arrives

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