Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flora vs. Kids

Studio Lifesaver

At the beginning of the week, it was rainy and overcast. Suddenly, this mild weather changed and became quite toasty. Frankly, neither weather is optimal for working with clay. Rainy weather makes sticky, unforgiving clay. But, I prefer it to hot weather. When the sun warms up, the clay shed becomes a blast furnace, and slab edges harden too quickly.

I am planning to tell two different stories for Open Studios. First, I am going to work on some flora projects. I will be completing some plates with floral imagery painted on them. And, there will be some shrines with floral offerings inside. The other story is a kid story. I spend a great part of my life with children, so I'm hoping to celebrate that with my work. There will be plates with kid artwork superimposed on them. And, I will have some shrines that relate to children. 

Floral Imagery


Alicia Animal Drawings

More Genius Animals

Plates with Floral Stamped Rosettes

Plates with Small Sunshine Stamping

Kid Shrines

Shrine with Army Men to Show Scale

Small Stage-like Shrine

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