Monday, August 26, 2013

Al Fresco / Ce Soir

Starting to make some organic shapes...

When I arrived home after the usual staff meeting, it was toasty hot in my shed/studio. So, I decided to work al fresco on the patio. I found these large jars from a container sale. They are Hungarian, and each jar has a beguiling number eight molded into the bottom. I'm working on some organic shapes that will fill the containers. Work was very stressful today. Sitting in the backyard, after a dog walk, making giant beads, was just the ticket. I still have many more shapes in my mind, that I want to add to the jars.

I also bagged up some dried clay chips. We are going to work on our first clay slab project on Friday. Hopefully, I can just store the slip, and use it all year. It is going to be fantastic to work in a room with a sink! Now, off to grade papers. Oh, an employee who is tardy almost every day (I am almost an hour early each morning), said to me in a snarky voice, as I was heading out to my car, "It must be nice to be done for the day." Unbelievable… Spelling tests and math quizzes await!

Large jars that will house the organic shapes...

Bagging up some slip fixings for our first clay lesson...

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