Sunday, August 18, 2013

Repair Shop

Secret Sauce

While I was setting up my classroom, the temperature heated up in my shed. Unfortunately, this caused a bit of cracking on some pieces that were drying while covered. I was able to repair all of the minor cracking with my existing small batch of paper clay as spackle. However, the rope-like border on one of my wall hearts actually pulled away. I am going to try performing surgery on the piece. I will cut away the rope part that isn't attached. Then, I'm going to make a paper clay rope, mixed with the above secret sauce. Then, I'll attach the new rope in place of the portion that pulled away. Hopefully this will work, because I really like this piece!

Drying Clay for Paper Clay Batch

The Problem

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  1. Sad! But you already know the secret--real artists are great at fixing their catastrophies.


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