Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom Set-Up: Day One

My Desk

Yesterday, I read a blog in which the author was describing the work in setting up a classroom. An angry person responded by mentioning that he was tired of hearing teachers whine about their jobs. Believe me, I understand, because there certainly IS a great deal of whining in the world of education. His point was that teachers shouldn't complain because they get the whole summer off, they go home early every day, and they just use the same lesson plans over and over again. As I read, I couldn't help but think of the extreme amount of extra effort that good teachers put in, so that the year is pleasant for their students.

My classroom set up process usually takes me three days. These days are unpaid. The way that my classroom looks is a point of personal pride for me, not professional pride. I just moved into a new room back in June, so that I could have a room with a sink (about eight days of unpaid work). So, my job today was to set up the furniture, and to take down some of the old bulletin boards. This classroom had a giant homemade paper tree attached to the wall and ceiling, because it was a kindergarten room many years ago. The tree was filthy and took up a lot of room. So, I took it down today, along with a lot of spider habitat. Then, I spent the rest of the day putting up some bulletin boards. I also got to see some old teacher friends in my new building. It was good to take a bit of time to talk and visit with them.

I listened to Bill Bryson read from The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid on cd all day. That man is a genius. Can't wait to hear more tomorrow...

Tomorrow's plan of attack: Finish all of the rest of the bulletin boards!

Unstacking and Arranging Desks and Chairs

The Back of the Room

Starting Integer Number Line and Math Board

Magnetism Bulletin Board

Helper Extraordinaire

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  1. For all the whiners, professional and critical, just know that you work alchemical wonders with your habitat and your students. Be that ray of light! And keep on shining.


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