Saturday, August 10, 2013

Waking Up Early on a Saturday

Today, I woke up early in order to attend an estate sale, and a French antique sale. Both sales were taking place in Corralitos, a small town just north of where I live. Corralitos is a lovely place, full of strawberry fields and apple orchards. The estate sale had mostly horrible stuff from the 1970's. It was very disappointing. But, the home was located near some beautiful fields. The French antique sale was amazing. The antiques are in small sheds or are rusting away in the open air. It's fun to walk around and look. Then, a trip to the toy store yielded read aloud time play-doh, and this year's totem animal: a chimpanzee. Students with the top homework scores each week, get to have a chimp on their desk. Last year's totem animal was a meercat. But, at the end of the year, the last student to have the totem animal gets to take it home. I was kind of sad to see the meercats go, but we'll see if the chimps become as endearing! Finally, the last errand was to purchase a plan book. That is when you know that summer is officially waning. On the return home, I popped the kiln from Thursday night's firing, and lifted out some goodies! Many pieces fared well...

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